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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen

Following on the huge success of its predecessor, The Voyager, we're proud to introduce The Odyssey, an unlocked, dual-SIM, quad band world phone with every modern cellphone convenience imaginable, such as Wi-Fi and bonus 2GB microSD card included free!

The Odyssey is a first class quad-band mobile phone that supports the four global standard GSM frequencies (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) so you can trust it to work anywhere in the world. It has two SIM card slots which is perfect for people who want to keep two active phone numbers (personal and business) inside one great phone!

Getting on the internet has never been easier. It's just like connecting with your laptop:

  • Scan for available wireless connections
  • Select the connection you want and click "connect"
  • You're connected...
...and checking email and surfing the Internet with ease!

The Odyssey effortlessly takes you online wherever a hotspot or wireless connection is available (which is everywhere these days!) - coffee shops, airports, libraries, restaurants, etc. And with its stunning array of web services like Google Maps for navigation, eBuddy which consolidates all your email and instant messaging accounts, and convenient add-ons like Gizmo5 which allows you to chat and talk for free or next to free using Wi-Fi, you've got more than a mobile phone in your hands - you've got a global communication device!

That's not all! The CVDQ-M56 comes fully unlocked, meaning you can use it with any cell carrier or network you want. It's got Bluetooth (which allows you to pair your phone with tons of devices like handsfree headsets), POP3 integration (which lets you sync the phone with GMail, Hotmail, YMail and other popular email platforms), and even accelerometer motion control! Shake the phone to change the TV or radio channel, wallpaper, song track playing, or picture viewed. How's that for multifunctional mobility?

Ruggedly constructed and stylishly designed, The Odyssey takes cellphone convenience to a new level with a host of PDA features and plays all your favorite text, picture, audio, and video file formats! Best of all, this phone comes with a 2GB TF / microSD card so you've got lots of storage to play OR create media - yes, the CVDQ-M56 also features a front AND rear digital still and video camera for all those can't miss moments. Youtube video anyone?

The Odyssey is a full-featured interactive intelligent cellphone with a stunning 3 inch touchscreen and slide screen main menu just like today's most advanced smart phones. Don't delay, click "Add to Cart" right away and in a few days you could be the proud owner of this state of the art WiFi ready dual SIM quad band touch screen mobile wonder! Brought to you by the leader in factory Pelate Store.

At a Glance...

  • WiFi
  • Quad Band
  • Dual SIM w/ Dual Standby
  • Unlocked
  • 3 inch Touchscreen
  • Radio and TV
  • Opera Mini Web Browser

NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. This can be used throughout the world.

GSM Frequency Information

This Cell Phone works with the following GSM Frequencies:

850 + 900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz

Please check that the local cell network matches the phone's GSM standard. Click here to view frequencies for all major worldwide cell phone networks.

Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen
Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen
Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen
Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen
Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen
Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen
Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen

Manufacturer Specifications
  • Primary Function: 3 inch Touchscreen WiFi unlocked quad band dual SIM multimedia cellphone
  • GSM Compatibility (Quad Band): Frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Screen:
    - 3 Inch LCD Touch Screen
    - Resolution: 240 x 320 (QVGA)
    - Colors; 260K
  • SIM Card Slot: YES - 2
  • SIM Card Modes: Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 Open, Only SIM2 Open
  • Memory:
    - Internal: 70MB
    - External: TF / MicroSD 2GB (included) - supports up to 16 GB
  • Mobile Internet: Yes - WI-FI or WAP
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • Compatible File Formats:
    - Music: MP3, MIDI, WAV, AMR, AWB
    - Images: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
    - Videos: 3GP, MP4, FLV
    - Ebook: TXT
  • Playing Time (music) approx: 6-8 hours
  • Playing Time (video) approx: 3-4 hours
  • Standby Time approx: 48-96 hours (depending on use)
  • Battery Charge Time approx: 3 hours
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Menu Icons: Text, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Player, Notes, Mail, New SMS, Calculator, eBuddy Chat, Google Maps, Settings, Call Log, Wallpaper, WLAN, Java, MMS, Chat, Game, Motion Game, Search, Call Center, File, Profile, World Time, Network, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Voice Mail, FM Record, Broadcast Message, Video Record, Answer, Voice Recorder, Slide, e-Books, Bluetooth, TV, Contacts, Safari, Stopwatch, Radio, Clock, Phone, Contacts, Opera, Music Player
  • Messaging Types: SMS Text Messaging, MMS Picture Messaging, Chat, Voice Mail Server, Broadcast Messages
  • Accelerometer Settings: Wallpaper Switch, Song Switch, FM Channel, TV Channel, TV Rotate, Video Rotate, Call Silent, Motion Game
  • On Board Buttons/Slots: MicroUSB recharging, file transfer, and earphone slot, ON/OFF, TV Antenna, Camera Shutter Button, Volume Increase, Volume Decrease, Call, Menu, Drop Call, Stylus
  • Bluetooth:
    - Type: MTK BT DEVICE
    - Supported Service Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, SPP, DUN, OPP, FTP, A2DP, AVRCP, BPP, HID, BIP
    - Options: Power, Inquiry Audio Device, Remote Control, My Device, Active Devices, Settings
  • Email: Send/Receive, Write Email, Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Clear Mailbox, Delete Marked Emails, Email Accounts, Templates
  • Wireless LAN: Enable/Disable, WLAN Status, Access Point Settings, Search Networks
  • Data Account: GSM Data, GPRS, Wireless LAN
  • Digital Picture Camera:
    - Dual Sensor: 1 (Front Lens), 2 (Back Lens)
    - Photo Format: JPG
    - Resolution: 640x480, 240x400, 160x120
    - Image Quality: High, Normal, Low
    - Snapshot Options: Digital Zoom (x3), Timer, Continuous Shot, Scene Modes, Color Effects, White Balance
    - EV: -2 to +2
    - Flash: Toggle ON/OFF
  • Digital Video Camera:
    - Dual Sensor: 1 (Front Lens), 2 (Back Lens)
    - Video Record Format: 3GP
    - Video Quality: Normal, Low, High, Fine
    - Video Settings: Digital Zoom (x3), Night Mode, Effects, White Balance
    - EV: -2 to +2
    - Record Time limit, File Size Limit, Record Audio
    - Banding: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • TV:
    - Type: Analog
    - Record Function: YES
    - TV Record Format: 3GP
    - Preset TV Region Profiles (43): China, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Western Europe, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Philippines, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, India, Bolivia, Paraguay, Australia, Ecuador, Columbia, Caracas, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Iran
  • FM Radio:
    - Frequency: 87.5MHz to 108MHz (worldwide)
    - Background Play: ON / OFF
    - Loudspeaker: ON / OFF
    - Channel List, Manual Input, Preset Auto Search, Settings
    - Record Function: YES
    - Record Audio Quality: Low, High
  • Dimensions: L:107 x W:56 x D:14 (mm)
  • Manufacturer Ref: RSNB7V17PQQU

Product Notes
  • True 3 Inch Touchscreen!
  • Effortlessly switch between the phone's front and back dual camera system
  • Fully unlocked phone! Use with any carrier, network, and SIM card(s)
  • Built-in answering machine: calls are saved to memory for instant review
  • One touch menu navigation
  • Loaded with multimedia features and comes with 2 GB TF/ microSD card
  • Pre-loaded personal digital assistant (PDA) software tools; Calendar, World Clock, To-Do List, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Sound Recorder, Unit and Currency Converter
  • Gizmo5 is a Skype alternative which allows you to free chat and talk with other Gizmo5 users or call non-Gizmo5 users on their landlines or mobile phones at a very low price.
  • Separate ringtone for each caller on your contact list!
  • Functions as a webcam too!

Package Contents for Model CVDQ-M56
  • Unlocked WiFi Quad Band Dual SIM Cell Phone
  • Earphones
  • Power Adapter (110-240V)
  • USB Cable
  • 2x Li-ion 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • I can install Gizmo5, the Skype alternative on this phone? Yes, you can. Using the built-in Wi-Fi, simply point your Opera mini browser to There you'll be prompted to download Gizmo for your mobile. Once you click on the download, you'll be effortlessly guided in the setup and installation of Gizmo5 on your Odyssey Wi-Fi phone. Using Gizmo5 you can chat and talk for free to other Gizmo5 users or talk to non-Gizmo users at a much lower cost than your existing cellphone fees.
  • How can I install a Java application on this phone?
    Search the internet for Java files that have the extension .jar (these are executable Java files). Not all of them will work. Some are especially for Nokia or other brand phones. Transfer it to your phone's microSD card as you would normally transfer a file. From the FILE icon, locate your file and select it. Java will take over and ask you if you want to install it. Agree and the application will be installed for you. Enjoy!
  • Does the phone come with a contract?
    This phone is contract-free and fully unlocked so it can work with any GSM service provider you choose.
  • Does the M56 come with an analog TV tuner?
    Yes, watch TV and be happy with The Odyssey wifi phone.
  • Is this phone like the iPhone?
    No, this phone is better than the iPhone! Unlike the iPhone, the M56 comes fully unlocked and ready for use with any network or carrier straight out of the box. You do not need to use any firmware hacks and risk "bricking" the phone. The M56 also has dual SIM and video recording functionality (unlike the iPhone).
  • Is this phone like the Chinese HiPhone, APhone, or SciPhone?
    No, this is better than all of them. Unlike with other Chinese touchscreen phones, the M56 comes with a full 12-month warranty from Chinavasion along with a professional in-house customer support service. You can also be secure in the knowledge that your M56 has gone through rigorous QC testing before it is shipped direct to you.
  • This phone has an accelerometer, what exactly is that?
    This is a built-in motion sensor that tracks when the electronic device has been tilted or swiveled. It is a feature most commonly used to change images in a photo viewer or to change tracks in an audio player.
  • How long should I charge the battery before first use?
    Before you use the battery for the first time, please charge it for 12 hours.
  • Should I load MP3's or WAV music files into my phone to listen to?
    It's a trade off really. With MP3's, you get lower audio quality, but because of its small file size you can fit more into memory. With WAV files, you get CD quality music, but on average, one WAV file is equivalent in size to ten MP3 files.
  • Great to hear that the phone comes with 2 batteries. What if I need more batteries, what should I do?
    Simply contact our customer support department to order replacement accessories. Easy peasy.
  • How many contacts, can the phone hold?
    The phone itself has the capacity to hold 800 contacts. SIM cards usually hold 250 contacts. Since this phone can hold two SIM cards, altogether you are looking at 1,300 contacts. That's a lot of friends!
  • Can I change the ringtone with this phone?
    Definitely. The phone provides for many preset ringtones. Wonderful classics like the Pachelbel Canon and music from Nintendo's Mario Kart video game series, You can also load your own MP3s to act as ringtones or use the phone's sound recorder to record your own voice or sounds as a ringtone.
  • I heard somewhere that I can record phone conversations with this phone. How do I do that?
    When a calls come in, you will be presented with an option box. Press that key and a menu will appear. One of the items on the menu will allow you bring up the sound recorder to tape the entire conversation as a sound file for playblack at anytime.
  • How do I change my ring tone?
    Tone volume and set up is found by pressing PROFILE icon and not the SETTINGS icon. Once in profile, select GENERAL and then CUSTOMIZE. You will be given the opportunity to change ringing options.
  • How do I get the webcam function working on this phone?
    When you plug in the USB charging cable, you'll be presented with a screen to either use the phone as a storage device (for transferring files) or as a webcam. Choose webcam and the phone will display a picture of a webcam. It's now working as a webcam and transmitting what it sees to the screen. If you're using Skype, simply make a video call and you'll be able to see yourself immediately.
  • What is Dual Standby and does the Odyssey phone have it?
    A phone which is designed to work with 2 Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) are called Dual SIM phones. Of these Dual SIM phones, the ones which allow both SIMs to be active at the same time so you can receive calls on both are called Dual Standby phones. Yes, the CVDQ-M56 is a dual SIM, dual standby phone.
  • How does the built-in answering machine work?From the main menu, select the ANSWER icon. You will be taken to another menu that will allow you adjust settings like how long before the answering machine picks up the call and how long your caller's message should be. When an actual call comes through, the answering machine will save your calls to the memory card and you can review them at anytime.
  • I hear that the phone has "In Call Background Noise". What is that? As far as sound effects go, if you use this feature - you decide what background noise your caller hears when they're talking to you. You can set the background noise so your caller thinks you're in a restaurant, in the subway or a host of other settings. Perfect for the devious in all of us.
  • How can I change the placement of my icons in the main menu? There may be certain icons you want closer to the first page, in which case the Odyssey phone was designed to allow you to move the icons about just like you would do on your computer desktop. Simply place your finger or pen stylus on any icon for more than 3 seconds and all the icons will start shaking. This indicates you are in icon moving mode. Locate the icon you want to move and place your finger or pen stylus on it for more than 3 seconds. It will increase in size indicating that you can move it. Just drag it to the new location. When you're done moving icons, press the black select button at the center of your phone to exit icon moving mode.
  • How do I setup a wake up alarm?
    Click on the CLOCK icon. You will have the ability to setup 6 different alarms depending on frequency and day(s) of the week.
  • You mentioned that you can setup a different ringtone for each caller on your contact list, how do I do that?
    It's really easy. Simply press the CONTACTS icon on the bottom of your screen and select "caller ringtone". After choosing the ringtone, you'll be prompted to associate it with a particular contact in your phonebook.
  • I need to know something really important which no one ever talks about. How does the phone feel in your hand?
    Solid is the best word we can think of to describe the tactile sensation of holding the Odyssey in your hand. As cellphone aficionados, we test our fair share of phones for professional and personal reasons. For us, cellphones that have in the past provided exceptional feel in your hand quality has been any of the Nokia N series especially the N95. Going farther back, the Siemens S40 felt great to hold as well. We're not big fans on the iPhone though because it's too wide and too thin for our tastes. It feels like you're holding a calculator in your hands not a mobile phone! The Odyssey CVDQ-M56 on the other hand is the epitome of a touchscreen phone in a candy bar form factor. It's narrower than the iPhone, but just slightly thicker to give you the impression you're holding something solid in your hand. Of course, the fact that it's well built accounts for that too. But the smooth black face and the rounded chrome corners lends itself to a phone that's as well-designed aesthetically and tactilely, as it operates superbly.
  • Can you tell what's the difference between the CVDQ-M56 Odyssey phone and the CVDQ-M50 Voyager phone?
    From the perspective of firmware and functionality, they're almost identical. The Odyssey phone has a larger screen though. It's 3 inches compared to the Voyager which has a 2.8 inch screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen there are four main icons: phone, contacts, opera, and music player? Is there any way I can change those or are they permanent?
    Yes, the four short cut icons can be changed. Simply press and hold one of the icons in the main area and the entire icon set will vibrate. Next select the icon you want to become a shortcut and it will increase in size. This shows it can be moved. Then simply drag it into the shortcut icon area and it will replace the one you dropped it on.
  • When I am entering the name of a new contact in my phonebook, what is the maximum number of characters I can use?
    You can enter a name that is 14 characters long.
  • Where are the accelerometer settings for image rotate?
    Image rotation is achieved by viewing a photo and touching the screen. A rotation icon appears that allows you to switch from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa.

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