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Monday, August 4, 2008

Press Statement by MCA 7

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Dateline: 1st August 2008

1) We refer to our Press Conference on 29 July 2008 and our Press Statement issued on the same day. We note that as of now, there is no response from the MCA top leadership or BN top leadership to our said Press Statement. WE CALL UPON THE MCA LEADERSHIP ESPECIALLY TO MAKE A STAND. MAKE CLEAR YOUR POSITION.

2) As an aside, we also deeply regret the news blackout / news spin by the mainstream print media on our Press Conference. In particular, we would like to cite the Star for their news blackout, and the New Straits Times for the report dated 30 July 2008 on our Press Conference. The NST report on our Press Conference read as if their reporters attended a different Press Conference from that which we gave! We have taken this unusual step of censuring the NST because their article is so misleading, and the Star for not publishing the Press Conference despite having a reporter present, that the Rakyat from all over the country have been calling us to find out if the actual Press Statement put out by us at the Press Conference (subsequently published on the internet) is genuine!

3) We also note that since the Press Statement was published on the internet, our Mr Lee Chong Beng and Mr Peter Chen have been inundated with thousands of sms’es and phone calls and blog comments from the Rakyat from all over the country supporting our stand in the Press Statement. The most surprising thing for us, however, is that a huge number of these sms’es, calls and blog comments are from Malays! And the gratifying part of it all is they are all unafraid to identify themselves and give their handphone numbers. To us, this shows two things:

a) The Rakyat is truly evolving into a true Malaysian race!, and

b) The Rakyat as we said is not stupid, and they are courageous as well in speaking their minds openly without hiding their identities!

4) Also subsequent to our Press Conference, we were interviewed by Mr Robin Brant of BBC News on 31st July 2008 for their BBC News Radio program on the BBC News website. In preparation for the interview, we were asked a few pertinent questions and we believe it is in the interests of truth, fairness, transparency and justice and all Malaysians to now publish our answers to some of his questions:

Q1: Why you have chosen to criticize the government and the police over the anwar ibrahim case.


Well, we must make it clear that we are acting on behalf of the grassroots. We represent 7 branches of MCA Petaling Jaya Utara and the members tell us like it is, and we want the MCA top leadership, the government, the police and the A-G to listen to the grassroots!

The medical report is now widely acknowledged to be authentic as evident from the interview with the General Manager of Hospital Pusrawi yesterday. No matter what spin they try to put on it, the fact remains that the good doctor, Dr. Mohd Osman, ruled out sodomy. The grassroots are not stupid. Third-world politics can no longer work in this day and age. The medical report is now proving to be the TIPPING POINT – the grassroots can stand it no more. The grassroots know that today it can happen to DSAI, tomorrow it can happen to you, me our sons, our daughters! Since the press conference on Tuesday 29th July 2008, we have been inundated with SMS’es FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Some examples are:

• “Bravo MCA. We praise your action to safeguard our integrity which is now being chewed to pieces …[deleted] If only my bangsa Melayu have got spirit like our forefathers!”

• “Salam sdr.Lee & sdr.Peter. I read your statement regarding ‘liwat case’ dated 29/7/08 with enthusiasm and proud to be fellow Malaysian. I agree with the notion that all this crap should stop pronto. Allow me to thank you for the courage & bravery to stood up for fellow Malaysian ie. DSAI & for the betterment of our nation. Terima kasih saudara.”

• “I am a Life Member of MCA. I am sad that very often MCA has no guts in telling the Big Bully off but a Yes Man in BN. Most of us are now shy to associate ourselves with MCA. Either we speak up or Get out of BN.”

• “I’m a Malay and I’ve lost sleep over what’s happening in our country. Malay leaders (Umno/Pas)* have no conscience”.
*( editor: the author of the sms perceived that there was muzakarah discussing merger of PAS and UMNO. PAS already made a statement that the party unequivocal commitment to Pakatan Rakyat)


• “Congrate to all MCA members about PC today at 11am! thanx bcos support rakyat. tqvm…”

So it would appear that the grassroots is calling on the politicians to stop playing police, and the police to stop playing politics! Therefore we urge the MCA top leadership, the government and the executive arms of the government to WAKE UP and LISTEN to the grassroots, LISTEN to the people, or we will all become IRRELEVANT when the next elections rolls around because the TIPPING POINT is here!

Q2: what you believe motivated these allegations against Anwar Ibrahim


Well, it has been highly publicized that DSAI intends to form the government by 16th September. The grassroots is indicating that this sodomy case against DSAI looks to be a reactionary measure to counter DSAI’s avowed intention. We are telling the top leadership that such reactionary methods are playing right into DSAI’s hands, making him more and more popular with the now increasingly restless masses! So we call on them to stop such self-destructive political strategies! They are making DSAI into a hero of the masses, a lone star against the relentless apparatus of the state.

Q3: what effect you think this is having on the reputation of the BN and Malaysia internationally


BN’s reputation: This sodomy case is the TIPPING POINT. This knee-jerk reactionary strategy of shooting the messenger has been employed too often by BN and the police. People are not stupid. BN is fast becoming alienated from the populace by the minute.

Internationally, this is seen as selective prosecution and denial of basic human rights and will set Malaysia spiraling backwards! Malaysia is becoming a laughing stock, we are becoming known as the “Sodomy Nation”! It is utterly embarrassing, although being embarrassed seems the least of the BN government’s concerns.

This Press Statement is issued by:

MCA PJ Utara Branches:
1. MCA SS2 Town Centre
2. MCA SS2
3. MCA SS4
4. MCA Taman People’s Park
5. MCA Gardenia Centre
6. MCA Taman Mayang
7. MCA Damansara Baru

Contact Persons:

• Mr LEE CHONG BENG [Chairman, MCA SS2 Town Centre] at 012-3987851
• Mr PETER CHEN [Legal Advisor] at 012-6824902

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