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Friday, December 28, 2007

share-it! - Your Global e-Commerce Partner!

Welcome to share-it!, your global e-commerce partner. Satisfied customers have been relying on the quality of our end-to-end global online solution - an e-commerce outsourcing market leader - since 1996.

Our comprehensive and flexible platform offers software publishers the option to quickly and reliably sell their products worldwide. share-it! handles the entire online transaction - from payment processing to product delivery to customer service.

Select the choice most relevant to you from the three below, and find out how simple our solution is and what benefits you can expect.

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What is APSense, and How Should We Use It?

APSense truly is the #1 Business Social Network on the web today!

I have been investigating a lot of other sites, but none that I have found offer all the benefits, content, user friendly apps, and quality of management.

List Building

For a while, after the spam laws were passed, various avenues were pursued, such as ‘opt-in lists’, wherein a prospective customer would enter his name and e-mail address in exchange for more information. This was accepted as permission to e-mail.

List building had always been a necessity, but now it became a priority. Then, because of the draconian nature of the spam laws, and the occasional customer who would forget giving permission and report a legitimate e-mail as spam, ‘double opt-in lists’ became more popular.

Both of these methods are still in use today, but because there are still list owners with less than impeccable standards ‘out there’, it is extremely hard to know if a list you purchase is legitimate or not.

Should you purchase access to a list that is not completely safe, you could find yourself facing HUGE legal difficulties, lost revenues, fines, and irreparable damage to your reputation.

The tried and true method still remains: BUILD YOUR OWN LIST!

So the next question became: How do you go about building a list? And not just a list, but a list of interested prospects who would trust you, and be receptive to receiving information from you about a product or service?

Think about it.! Are you more comfortable buying from someone you know, or from a total stranger?

For most people, the answer would be; “From someone I know!”

It’s called “BUILDING TRUST”, and it’s an essential ingredient to success in any business, except……… Spamming and Scamming!!

This is why Business Social Networking was born!

Business Social networking is the perfect marketing strategy, allowing you to meet prospective clients from all over the globe, and establish long-term relationships in the business world

What is Business Social Networking?

Business Social Networking (BSN) for the reasons discussed above, is the future of Internet Business.

Just having a good website, and getting prospective customers to your site, is no longer enough. Sure, you can promote your products, and you can certainly find free programs on the web that will bring you 1000’s of ‘hits’ each day. But the last time I checked, thousands of ‘hits’ were NOT what most Internet Marketers were looking for. Marketing has always had, one single purpose: SALES!

In Web Marketing terms, ‘Conversion Rates‘! Unless ‘hits’ convert to sales, you have merely wasted your time and effort..

Recently, I decided to do a little research through experimentation. I located a popular traffic exchange that promised thousands of hits to the website of your choice.

I entered the URL of a site I am affiliated with that promotes, what I believe to be, one of the best health products in the world.

The web page visitors were taken to is BEAUTIFUL, professionally designed, informative, low-pressure, and contains a wealth of professional reviews and testimonials.

The ‘Traffic’ was INCREDIBLE! Over 25,000 hits in about 2 weeks! I should have made a TON of money! Right?



Out of 25,000+ hits there were NO conversions to customers! Not One!

Now, c’mon, everyone ‘knows’, all you have to do is get your product in front of thousands of people, and you will become rich overnight!!!

Does that sound like some of the advertising you have seen on the web? It should, thousands of ads are posted every day, that are written just like that!

Technically, according to law, they are not Spam. However, in essence they are just that! A very large percent would like you to believe that all you have to do is buy their product or service, and you will be making unheard of amounts of money in NO TIME! Well, remember, if it sounds too good to be true, It usually IS!

(The Spammers and Scammers had to go SOMEWHERE!)

Let me interject here, that the largest percentage of these ads are from people who are merely promoting something that was designed by someone else. Thousands of people, without marketing experience, join the ‘web’ every day. It takes some time and experience to wade through the hype, and some individuals take to it by nature, thereby perpetuating the problem!

The real reason why none of those 25,000 hits converted, was that they were not ‘targeted’, and did not come from individuals I had established a relationship with. In other words, they were ‘junk’ hits.

On the other hand, if these hits had come from individuals who had gotten a favorable impression of me online, either through socializing, or receiving a good sense of my integrity by reading my blogs, AND had a need for my product, I could have converted a good many.

Usually on mass hits from people who don’t know you, you can expect ten percent to be interested, or 100 out of a thousand, then maybe 30 of that 100 will actually convert. (These are not exact figures, just a rough starting point.)

So I should have converted 750 customers. However, I converted not a single hit with that program.

Why am I emphasizing this? Simply to make the point that you shouldn’t fall for programs that promise you the ‘next big secret’ to making millions online!

“Creating wealth online is no different than creating wealth offline -- it takes daily, consistent, focused action, and especially: Good Customer Relationships! That is what Business Social Networking is all about.”

That is what Business Social Networking is all about, and why it

is the Future of ANY online venture that has a goal of being around for the ‘long run’.

Business Social Networking is about PEOPLE! Clients don’t buy your product, they buy YOU! So what you really need to present them with is yourself, and build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

To prove my point, I recently did a little marketing campaign here on APSense and enrolled 5 of my best friends here in a couple hours!

So-- you can spend thousands on advertising, or you can advertise youself here at apsense for free!

APSense is STILL the #1 Business Social Network!!

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